Integrative Medicine for Chronic Disease

Established in Southport in February 2016 with the following principles:

Focus on management of chronic diseases by immune modulation using moderate whole body hyperthermia supplemented by intravenous therapy.

Integrating evidence–based medicine from the ground up with nutritional and environmental medicine and clear scientific basis applied at all times.

Carefully attuned to supplement orthodox medical care with complimentary medicine to optimize benefits of both, thus improving beneficial response and recovery.

Holistic, compassionate care with attention to all modes of healthcare including nutritional supplements, diet , exercise etc

At Gold Coast Hyperthermia we have the newest Heckel HT3000 Whole Body Hyperthermia technology system from Germany.This hyperthermia unit has been developed over 40 years as a means of efficiently and safely supplying thermal energy to the body and deeper tissues using infrared-A (IR) radiation. The IR light is water-filtered to reduce skin-burning frequencies.

The Heckel hyperthermia system is in the form of a tent made of flexible, thermally insulating material with a canopy and frame supporting heat lamps.

The tent is placed over the awake patient lying comfortably on the bed during the heating phase, with their head outside the tent.

For an hour, heat rays from the lamps penetrate the skin to a depth where the blood can absorb the heat and spread it throughout the tissues and organs. Subsequently the body’s core temperature is slowly and safely heated up to 40°C. ( Heat Induction Phase)

Once the desired temperature has been reached, the infra-red lamps are switched off, the device raised up and insulating tent walls can be folded down and wrapped around the patient to maintain the elevated core temperature for a further hour or so. (Heat Retention Phase)

Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy is always performed with optional light sedation or calmative medication under medically supervised conditions and continuous monitoring of vital signs, including:


-Blood pressure


-pO2 (saturation of oxygen in the blood)

- Pulse rate

-Respiratory rate

If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Thompson, please call on us (07) 5618 8111 or via our appointment request form.